I Wanna Fall In Love

falling in love

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I Wanna Fall In Love
By Penchie Limbo and deepthoughts40

I wanna fall in love with the confidence someone will catch me and not just hope that someone will when I do.
I wanna love without expectations but end up getting more than what I have hoped for.
I wanna give all of me without the fear of running out.
I wanna hold someone like I have two pairs of hands to never let go when my arms get tired. (Pench)

I wanna fall in love and not just love but love beyond my heart can contain.
I wanna fall in love without doubts even with the uncertainty of the uncertain.
I wanna give my heart and soul without qualms, questions or pause.
I wanna love with the kind of love that look beyond each other’s imperfections and flaws. (dt40)

I wanna fall in love that when I look into your eyes I see everything I need.
I wanna fall in love that makes me feel breathless yet makes me feel alive.
I wanna fall in love that feels like jumping off a tall building, but feels like I can fly.
I wanna fall in love that falling in love with you is the second best thing in the world and finding you is the first. (Pench)

I wanna fall in love with a kind of love where hell freezes over.
I wanna love endlessly where my heart never grows weary and tired.
I wanna sing love in its perfection or even mundane or mediocre.
I wanna love and just embrace the love that my heart has so desired . (dt40)

I wanna love like there is just only a beginning but has no end, like love is timeless.
I wanna love like our body and soul are immortal.
I wanna love that I can dance under the rain without fearing the storm.
I wanna love without fear, with the confidence that love conquers all. (Pench)


**Musings over a cup of coffee (deepthoughts40) and while on commute to work (Pench)



Away From The Madding Crowd

strong woman exhausted

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Away From The Madding Crowd

By Penchie Limbo

I’d like to run…

Away from the madding crowd

Where I feel trapped and alone

In a world full of people.

I’d like to escape, if only for a while,

From where I feel like a stranger

In a world that I used to belong,

That used to feel my home.

I’d like to go to a distant place

Where I could be alone,

Even for just a moment,

That even my thoughts could not find me.

I am a strong woman,

But I am exhausted.

I’m tired of fixing

Everything that is broken.

Giving everything to everyone

Until nothing is left for me.

I’m tired of giving love

But not getting love back in return.

I’m tired of being kind

To people who are ungrateful.

I am tired,

But I am not giving up.

I just need a place of respite

To heal my aching body,

Restore my soul,

Recharge my spirit.


Loving can be exhausting,

But loving is what keeps me going.

I’m going away from the madding crowd

To find myself

From where I thought I’ve lost it.


Fallen Angel

fallen angel

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Fallen Angel

by Penchie Limbo


Once I had strong, shiny wings that glitter in the sun

But now they’re clipped and gone.

Looking up to the place once my home

From the bottomless pit where I am.


My cries echo the anguish,

Despair growing in my heart.

Surely they reach the heavens

Yet You remained unmoved.


Who could save me from this quagmire

Now that I’m banished from Your sight?

With fading hope yet here I am

Pleading for Your mercy.


Day and night I cry out to You

And wait for the hand

That will pull me through

Before my soul shall die.


Revised version from original composed on March 16, 2015








Kintsugi (金継ぎ)
Kintsugi (金継ぎ) (Japanese: golden joinery) or Kintsukuroi (金繕い) (Japanese: golden repair) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, a method similar to the maki-e technique.

By Penchie Limbo

I am my Maker’s masterpiece,
My Maker’s pride and joy.
He made me as a present
For someone that He cares.

My owner unwrapped my package
Sealed with love and care,
And took me as his prized possession,
The object of his attention.

But the world is full of distractions
Enticing to the eyes.
Lured by the world’s attractions,
Pursued them all with passion.

Thrilled with his latest find,
In a dark and lonely corner,
My owner put me aside.
All alone and broken, I sat there with my pride.

For days and months I go unnoticed
Until dust had settled in.
Once I was a beauty, with carelessness and neglect,
Now shattered and in pieces.

One day may Maker came,
And saw me in the corner.
With full of love and pity,
He picked up all my pieces.

“What did you do with my masterpiece?” He asked.
“I told you to handle it with care!”
My owner just bowed in silence
Consumed with guilt and sorrow.

My master took me away
To put me back together.
With love and care and tenderness,
He glued me in with gold and silver.

Now I am whole again.
With scars of gold and silver,
My badge I wear with pride.
Once again I am His masterpiece,
Restored, whole, not broken.

He made me even stronger, more beautiful, more valuable than before.

I am my Maker’s masterpiece,
Valuable and priceless.
The one worthy to have me
Must have a heart to treasure me.


Phoenix Rising


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We had a spark that dazzled the two of us.

The spark that set me up in flames.


I struggled not to burn.

But the more I did, the more I burned,

Spreading like a wildfire within me,

Devouring everything within its path,

Incarcerating my hopes, my dreams,

My everything.


I feared the fire consuming me,

But I realized that it’s not.

Instead it’s purifying me

So I surrendered to its flames.


You see me burning down to ashes

And dying a thousand deaths.

But from these ashes I shall emerge

Clothed in nothing but my strength,

More beautiful than ever before.


Watch my resurrection…

I am Phoenix… rising.



Sunshine with a little hurricane

sunshine hurricane

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“I became a depressed and desolate soul when you left and took the sunshine away.

Then I realized…

I am sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.

No wonder you cannot handle me. “